We’re a digital marketing agency that assists online brands flourish in the digital world by offering effective & affordable online services and solutions.



KWETU Marketing Agency is a Kenyan-based digital agency incorporated & registered under the Companies Act (Cap 486) Laws of Kenya.

We’re a digital marketing agency that assists online brands flourish in the digital world by offering effective & affordable online services and solutions.

Our services and solutions include digital & tech consultation, formulation of online marketing strategies for businesses and brands, website, blog, e-commerce store & mobile app development, social media, e-mail & Google advertising, search engine optimization, custom forms & engagement platform design, content development/ writing solutions for company profiles, blogs, content calendars & for-web copy, inbound marketing & sales and online data analysis.

We are driven by pure passion with the aim of making our clients happy by attaining their objectives in everything digital.

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We listen to clients needs and craft custom digital strategies and online platforms with the aim of improving their online brand and meeting their digital objectives.


We aim to connect online brands to their target audiences. We're certified by industry leaders to accurately tell your story in a creative way that increases engagement & results.


We turn doubters to believers and leads to customers by employing a data-driven approach in all that we do.


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We employ a custom-crafted digital approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and keep coming back.

Digital Strategy & Consultation

We consult on all matters digital & tech

We offer consultation, strategy & training on various digital areas such as online brand direction, digital campaigns formulation, online advertising & media buying, search engine optimization, digital re-branding, increasing conversions & online engagement.

Website & App Development

Custom WordPress, Android & iOS Platforms

Our custom-designed blogs, websites, e-commerce stores & mobile apps are affordable and come fully loaded with domain name registration, web hosting, basic SEO, Google analytics, custom content and platform maintenance for 1 year.

Google & YouTube Advertising

Rank Higher on Google, Get Listed Online!

Advertise your products, services and solutions on Google or Bing. We are Google AdWords certified professionals licenced to ran SEM/PPC marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients on Search, Video (YouTube) & Display Networks .We also register & map business on Google & other listings e.g. Wikipedia.

Social Media Marketing

More Likes, Tweets, Shares & Engagement!

We offer professional social media marketing services for small and large-scale businesses. Our approach is data-driven enabling our clients to account for their advertising budget while they acquire quality leads, online engagement, likes, shares & followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimization

Beat your online competition

Our search engine optimization solutions are aimed at getting online brands rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. We offer both ‘on-age’ & ‘off-page’ SEO techniques for websites, blogs and e-commerce stores. This includes keywords research, meta tag descriptions and sitemap submissions.

Online Engagement Forms Design

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Engage you company staff or event attendees with interactive online activities that aim to train, engage, notify and measure their feedback in every campaign or in-house activity. We develop custom online forms such as polls and surveys as well as internal engagement tools such as campaign sites & meeting apps.

Writing Solutions

Creative Industry-Based Content

We creatively craft industry-based content for websites, blogs, online articles and editorials, company profiles, product descriptions and and business proposals -further, we optimize post and online content by following industry-leading guidelines in writing ‘for-web’ copy and optimization for better online ranking.

Data Analysis

Numbers Don't Lie!

We are specialists at analyzing data acquired from digital marketing campaigns (Google & social media), websites, polls, surveys and online products/ solutions. Importantly, we advise our clients on how to re-structure their online models in an effort to increase their conversion rates and ultimately, better results.


KWETU Marketing Agency
SAT Centre Building, Off Parkside Towers 3rd floor, Suite 312.
P .O. Box 00200- 35872, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.
+254  0737055737 or 0721779537
Working hours: 8am – 4pm

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