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KWETU Starter Package

The KWETU Starter Package is a combination of 3 digital solutions – Website design/ redesign, basic search engine optimization and a 1-month complementary social media marketing campaign.

We take into consideration the ‘buyer’s journey’ and know that acquiring awareness, consideration and quality leads requires a multi-faceted approach for your online business to grow.

From advertising on social media platforms to providing useful information and selling on your very own website, these are the digital solutions included in the package:

  • A WordPress Website – We believe the core of any successful online business is the website. The website design takes into consideration many business models such as: static & dynamic websites, e-commerce stores, publications, online magazine & news websites, ticketing & booking websites, event sites, and campaign landing pages, brand / personality website designs and professional blogs.
  • Search Engine Optimization – The package also contains optimization of the website and social media pages. This means your website core pages and selected e-commerce store products will be optimized for better user experience and acquisition of quality leads on Google. We further optimize your social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google My Business with keyword-rich content, products and brand thematic (graphic design).
  • Social Media Marketing – The final component of the KWETU Starter Package is targeted social media marketing where we raise awareness for your products or services, create an online community for your brand, and integrate shop products to your pages (Facebook & Instagram shops for e-commerce stores) and data analysis to better understand your customers and various buyer personas. A social media marketing report is available at the end of the 30-day social media marketing campaign.
An all-in-one digital solution!

KWETU Starter Package

Website Design

  • 1 website developed with WordPress CMS.
  • 1 Website design sample (Static or dynamic websites)
  • Up to 3 landing pages for your products or services.
  • E-commerce Products & shop.
  • Social media widgets, FAQ. Blog & photo gallery integrated.
  • Custom forms (for quotes, requests & general inquiries).
  • Custom fonts & colors.
  • Custom menus, sidebars, headers & footers.
  • Domain Name Registration & Hosting 1 Year- Renewable (optional).
  • Responsive Website Adaptable on Desktop, Tablets, Laptop & Mobile Screens
  • Users Accounts Creation (Shoppers & admins)
  • Company/ Brand E-Mails – Unlimited E-Mail Accounts creation.
  • 1 month complementary website support.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Home page optimization + 2 other Landing page for either services, about us, products or solutions.
  • Product SEO for up to 10 core e-commerce products.
  • Custom Headings and meta-descriptions per optimized page or products.
  • Keywords research from Google for your business/ products/ services.
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Search Console website submission.
  • Technical SEO with –a Cache Cleaner, Minified CSS & JavaScript
  • Site Security with website Firewall.
  • Image compression & scaling for all images/.

Social Media Marketing

  • A 30-day marketing campaign on Facebook or Instagram( Awareness)
  • Platform optimization with keyword-rich content/ descriptions, store products, updates links, maps, events and business hours.
  • A total of 12 campaign posts for 1 month
  • Custom captions and artwork
  • 4 Targeted/ Promoted Posts.
  • 1 page promotion on Facebook.
  • Data analysis
  • Live online support
  • 1 campaign digital report.
  • Renewable monthly thereafter (optional).

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