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LinkedIn Advertising Services in Kenya

LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, and their users are mostly using it to connect with other professionals for work-related topics. LinkedIn Advertising operates through LinkedIn’s all-in-one advertising platform, Campaign Manager. LinkedIn Ads is a paid marketing platform that offers access to LinkedIn social networks through various sponsored posts and other targeted messaging.

Our LinkedIn Ads are a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies to build leads, generate online awareness, share content & updates and more.

LinkedIn Boasts of a vast network of mostly active, career-oriented professionals, LinkedIn offers advertising opportunities that can reach a lot of people in many different ways. LinkedIn advertising boasts higher engagement rates, conversion rates, and a 13.5% lower cost per acquisition when using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking tool.

Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach and connect with audiences you’d like to do business with, quickly and at high volumes

Why advertise on LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn ads provide many benefits to companies not just for added reach and recognition, but the opportunity to increase sales, hire talented people.
  • Better results and lower costs are precisely why LinkedIn advertising needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy. LinkedIn uses objective-based advertising, which helps advertisers build ad campaigns around specific business goals.
  • Just like Google’s ad bidding, LinkedIn advertising costs are based on the type of activity you’re paying for and the ad auction. The price also depends on your targeting criteria and your competition.
  • LinkedIn has over 600 million members, and 40% of them visit the professional social network each day. It’s an opportunity to reach your target audience when they’re most engaged.

5 reasons why our LinkedIn advertising services make a difference in your project and budget:

  • We take time to do research about your ideal customer and create buyer personas that are used in our advertising campaigns.
  • We advise the client on the best course-of-action before we commence on every campaign or digital project – with discovery meetings, custom strategy & recommendations.
  • Our campaigns are always objective-driven. We assist the client meet overall objectives such as creating buzz, acquiring awareness, influencing consideration and delivering quality leads.
  • The agency offers flexible payment plans for short-term campaigns and discounts on long-term digital marketing projects.
  • We always strive to offer services and implement strategies based on key industry benchmarks such as conversion-rates. Our approaches are certified by top digital marketing & IT-related industry leaders & voices.

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