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Introduction & Client requirements

The NSE required a custom digital approach to increase online PR and influence action by targeted audiences for their newly launched ‘Ibuka Program’. The program is an incubation and acceleration program designed around taking small and medium sized companies through a 10 month incubation period that is designed around Hosting on non-trading boards; the Incubator Board and the Accelerator Board.

The program would enable select Kenyan companies fast-track their development by accessing financial advisors and consultants to help them structure their businesses, enhance visibility and get exposure to local and international investors.

The Value add & Solution

  • The campaign had 2 core objectives – Raise awareness of the program and influence user action as a conversion.
  • An inbound marketing approach was followed with the key call-to-actions being to – ‘View/ Download’ the Ibuka Program Brochure’
  • Being a niche solution, the digital campaign was to be targeted to specific audiences in Kenya and certain selected countries around Africa. Targeted audiences would either inquire more about the incubator program or be influencers of the program messaging.
  • Created custom buyer personas for the targeted audiences through online research & Google keywords research that would be used in reaching targeted campaign audiences.
  • Our video development team created an introductory video with the Managing Director of the Nairobi Securities Exchange explaining what the Ibuka Program is all about. This media type was key in influencing conversions in the 2nd phase of the campaign.
  • Performed targeted ads with custom filters and targeting criteria locally and around selected countries & territories in Africa.
  • Our team assisted in creating the campaign artwork and poster for social media syndication.
  • We also created the campaign captions for social media posts that were prior approved.
  • Hired a team of professional bloggers to raise awareness and influence a trending hashtag in Kenya on Twitter.
  • Provided a comprehensive digital report that contained Engagement metrics such as (no. of impressions, brand sentiment, reach and conversions) campaign findings, campaign moments and a SWOT analysis. Campaign report available upon request.
  • A coordinated effort by the NSE’s in-house communication team and our agency team in roles such as content development, graphic design, influencer marketing, photographers, media houses – made the program launch a success.