Technical University of Kenya – Google Ads

  • Technical University of Kenya
  • PPC Ads (Google Ads)
  • Oct. 2020 & 2021

Technical University of Kenya – Google Advertising Solutions


Technical University of Kenya

Duration: 1 Month Campaign Type: Google Search Ads & Google Display Ads

Introduction & Client Requirements: Technical University of Kenya, a chartered university offering various programs, sought a targeted approach to reach potential students for their October 2020 and 2021 intakes. They required an effective online advertising campaign using Google ads/PPC ads to drive online applications. The campaign aimed to promote B.A, Masters Degrees, and PhD programs. Both Google Search ads and Google Display ads were utilized during the one-month campaign period.

Project Scope and Results:

  1. Campaign Creation: We created two campaigns on the Google Ads dashboard: one for Google Search ads and another for Google Display ads. Our team employed industry best practices with a focus on driving conversions.

  2. User Persona Identification: We identified various user personas that were most likely to view the ads and click on the call-to-actions, thereby increasing sign-ups on the university’s online application portal.

  3. Keyword Research: To maximize campaign effectiveness, we conducted extensive keyword research, analyzing search trends of the target audience over the past two years. The findings were shared with the client in a .csv format document, enabling informed decision-making.

  4. Ad Creation: For both search and display ads, we developed three rotatable ads, ensuring a diverse range of messaging and creatives to engage the audience effectively.

  5. Managed Placements: To expand the reach of the display ads, we strategically selected managed placements on preferred news websites, apps, and YouTube channels in Kenya. This ensured that the university’s message reached the target audience in relevant online environments.

  6. Custom Adsets: We created custom adsets for both the search ads and display ads campaigns, focusing on a targeted audience based on buyer personas. This approach enhanced the campaign’s relevance and effectiveness.

  7. Custom Web Copy: Our team researched and crafted compelling headlines and descriptions tailored to the university’s target audience, optimizing the ad messaging for maximum impact.

  8. Bidding Strategy: For search ads, we utilized an automatic bidding strategy with a maximum daily budget. In contrast, for banner ads/display ads, we implemented a manual bidding strategy with a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) to maintain budget control throughout the campaign duration.

  9. Conversion-Rate Optimization: To continuously improve campaign performance and budget management, we conducted weekly conversion-rate optimization, ensuring optimal results and maximizing the campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

  10. Custom Artwork: For the Google Display ads or banner ads, we created custom artwork in various dimensions, such as footer posters, sidebar posters, and in-page posters. These visually appealing banners complemented the messaging, capturing users’ attention and driving engagement.

  11. Ad Optimization: We optimized each of the rotatable ads to achieve a quality score of +95, ensuring better visibility, click-through rates, and overall campaign budget efficiency.

  12. Reporting: Throughout the campaign duration, we prepared and shared campaign reports upon request and provided bi-monthly reports. These comprehensive reports allowed the client to track the campaign’s progress, evaluate performance, and measure the achieved results.

The Google Advertising solutions we offered to the Technical University of Kenya resulted in increased online applications and improved visibility among the target audience. By leveraging the power of Google Search ads and Google Display ads, we effectively reached potential students, influencing their decision-making process and driving conversions.