AIHT Website Redesign & Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Website Redesign & Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Amboseli Institute's Hospitality & Tourism
  • Website Redesign, Digital Marketing
  • November. 2023 - February 2024

AIHT Website Redesign & Digital Marketing Campaign

Project Duration: 3 Months

Description: During the three-month collaboration with Amboseli Institute of Hospitality & Technology (AIHT), KWETU Marketing Agency spearheaded a transformative project aimed at enhancing the institution’s online presence and boosting student enrollments.

Website Redesign: One of the primary focuses of the project was the complete overhaul of AIHT’s website. KWETU Marketing Agency revamped the website’s design, user interface, and navigation to create a more engaging and intuitive user experience. The redesigned website now serves as a comprehensive platform for prospective students to explore AIHT’s programs, facilities, and admission process seamlessly.

Digital Marketing Campaign: In addition to the website redesign, KWETU Marketing Agency executed a highly targeted digital marketing campaign to drive student enrollments. Leveraging platforms like YouTube and Instagram, the agency launched strategic advertising campaigns aimed at reaching AIHT’s target audience effectively. By crafting compelling ad creatives and employing data-driven targeting strategies, the campaign successfully generated increased visibility and engagement for AIHT, resulting in a significant rise in student enrollments.

Through the collaborative efforts of KWETU Marketing Agency and AIHT, the project achieved remarkable success in revitalizing the institution’s online presence and attracting a larger pool of prospective students. The redesigned website and impactful digital marketing campaign have positioned AIHT as a leading destination for quality hospitality education.