Birdlife International’s IVAD Campaign 2023

  • Birdlife International's IVAD Campaign 2023
  • Event Digital Marketing
  • Octobe. 2023

Birdlife International’s IVAD Campaign 2023

Overview: We had the honor of collaborating with Birdlife International for their International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) Campaign in 2023. Birdlife International, a global leader in bird conservation, is dedicated to protecting vultures and raising awareness about their vital role in maintaining ecosystem health. The IVAD Campaign is an annual event that focuses on celebrating and advocating for vultures worldwide.

Project Details:

  • Client: Birdlife International

Date: October 2023

  • Campaign Objective: The primary goal of the IVAD Campaign was to spotlight the conservation efforts for vultures, emphasizing the importance of these magnificent birds in our ecosystems and the urgent need to protect them.

Our Contribution: For this critical campaign, we provided the following services:

  1. Visual Design: Our team crafted eye-catching and meaningful visuals that captured the essence of vultures and the importance of their conservation. These visuals were used in promotional materials, social media, and campaign collateral.
  2. Content Creation: We created compelling and informative content that highlighted the significance of vultures, their current challenges, and the crucial work being done by Birdlife International to protect them.
  3. Web Presence: We ensured that Birdlife International’s IVAD campaign had a robust online presence, making it accessible to a global audience through a dedicated campaign website.
  4. Social Media Promotion: We developed a comprehensive social media strategy. Here’s how we made the event trend for four days on Twitter, both prior to and after International Bird’s Day:
    • Influencer Outreach: We collaborated with influential figures in the bird conservation and environmental advocacy space. These Twitter influencers shared our campaign content, created engagement, and reached a broad audience.
    • Twitter Ads: We strategically used Twitter Ads to promote the campaign, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. We targeted audiences interested in wildlife conservation and environmental issues.
    • Targeted Regions: We specifically targeted the campaign in four key regions—Kenya (KE), Ghana (GH), Nigeria (NG), Zambia (ZM), and Zimbabwe (ZIM). This regional focus allowed us to engage local audiences and create region-specific content to drive involvement.
    • French Captions: Recognizing the diversity of our audience, we provided French captions to cater to French-speaking countries, ensuring that the message was accessible to all. This included regions like French-speaking West Africa.
  5. Collaboration with Western Africa Counterpart Communication Team: We worked closely and collaboratively with Birdlife International’s Western Africa counterpart communication team. This collaboration allowed us to align messaging and campaign efforts across regions for a more significant impact.
  6. Captions and Graphics: We developed captivating captions and graphics for both the influencers and the internal communication team involved in the project. These assets were designed to convey the campaign’s core message effectively and engage the audience.

Results: The Birdlife International IVAD Campaign 2023 achieved outstanding success, largely due to our integrated approach. Here are some key results:

  • The campaign trended on Twitter for four days before and after International Bird’s Day.
  • Increased engagement, awareness, and support for vulture conservation.
  • A growing global recognition of the importance of vultures and the need to protect them.

Our collaboration with influencers, strategic use of Twitter Ads, and close partnership with Birdlife International’s Western Africa counterpart communication team were instrumental in achieving these remarkable outcomes.

Visit the Campaign Website: Link to the Birdlife International Website